One meter snow next to the beach in Greece with sun? Yes, it is possible. What is also possible is to give a short introduction to the CRITERIA formula for impressing the evaluators. The CRITERIA formula is what all the champions in EU funds and Horizon 2020 apply with commitment […]

My best wishes for 2019 under the most peculiar place. ...

I have recently returned from Madagascar and Reunion after giving a 5-day training to Research Support Office members and to the University researchers. One of the key points that was raised from my audience was specific actions, tips and practices on how to identify competent and promising consortia to join […]

How to be a desired partner in Horizon 2020 and ...

Horizon Europe or FP9 (its ugly name) the largest ever European Research and Innovation Programme has started to make its presence quite strong with the proposal suggested by EC and the discussions now going on about it between the Council and the European Parliament.  Its structure is clear, its priorities […]

Horizon Europe or FP9 (the ugly name) Quality Evaluation Criteria ...

Introduction This topic will show how much budget is approximately spent in the development of failed proposals by the European research, i.e. for proposals that do not receive any funding from Horizon 2020. There are at the beginning some simple calculations (subtraction, division and multiplications) that will show to the […]

Why you must not fail in Horizon 2020 and how ...

I have just come back from EARMA conference that I have participated along with around 750 other participants. The event took place in Brusses mainly from 17th till 18th April 2018.  This year, I was actually one of the presenters, giving a training on how to develop successful communication as well as […]

What I learned from the 24th EARMA conference

We Upset the Status Quo in Planning European Projects by Doings Things Simpler!
This is a different training moment since I deal with an essential element that although is not directly linked with the development of successful grant applications, it is of paramount importance for mastering this. More specifically, for either evolving into great funding experts or for continuing being so, we need […]

How to read fast and effectively – The key to ...

We Upset the Status Quo in Planning European Projects by Doings Things Simpler!
During my training and coaching sessions, I am asked “Nikos, what is the most important thing that people miss to consider and they have their grant application failed?” . I always answer  that I am not sure on the most important one but definitely I can tell one of the most significant […]

What is one of the most critical things that you ...

We Upset the Status Quo in Planning European Projects by Doings Things Simpler!
Often people get overwhelmed by the different funding opportunities that exist and consequently they don’t focus on the ones that really matter for them and have the more chances for a winning grant application. Here is a technique based on the five fingers that can immediately allow us to identify […]

How to increase the success rate of your grant applications

We Upset the Status Quo in Planning European Projects by Doings Things Simpler!
Welcome back (that is for me)! I have been silent in my blog for a while but this was for a great reason. I have been focusing on organising  the most significant event on developing Horizon 2020 grant applications, that is the 1st Horizon 2020 Virtual Summit. More than 35 […]

Why One-Page Proposal Concept can fail your grant application