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I always say to my students that “Common sense doesn’t always mean common practice”. The video below involves five simple actions that you can apply now for increasing immediately student engagement and transform yourself into a superb teacher that adds value to your students and audience and transforming also their […]

Five things that you can apply now for immediately engaging ...

One of the key issues that grant proposal developers experience and in many cases face many difficulties to address successfully is how to be or become innovators. You may have written a perfect proposal in regards to impact, workplan, dissemination, exploitation, sustainability but in most of the cases if you […]

What to learn from Michelangelo and boost your Innovation skills

In this video below, you will discover what is the most common mistake that even masters in European funding are doing and why in some cases, the more funded projects you are involved, the more money you loose! In this respect, you will learn in this training video what is […]

what is the most common mistake that even masters in ...

Horizon 2020 champions per projects
  Have you realised that Horizon 2020 has been running already for more than 3 years? Do you want to know who are the champions in Horizon 2020 either based on the number of projects that they are involved or based on the awarded EC contribution? (hint: There are some […]

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Being Unique is Better than Perfect
I have recently returned from Gambia that I was there last week for training Western African universities on how to exploit successfully the Horizon 2020 programme in the context of WARIMA conference.  This is my second visit to Africa, since I visited also South Africa last May for the SARIMA […]

Why small H2020 players like African universities can get more ...

Τι είναι το νέο ΕΣΠΑ και γιατί δεν θα μπορέσει να αναπτύξει την επιχείρησή σου? Το νέο ΕΣΠΑ αποτελείται από ευρωπαϊκές οικονομικές ενισχύσεις που λαμβάνει η χώρα μας από τον ευρωπαϊκό κοινοτικό προϋπολογισμό κατά την χρονική περίοδο 2014-2020. Το ποσό αυτό είναι περίπου €26 δισ με το 80% να είναι […]

Ευτυχώς δεν υπάρχει μόνο το νέο ΕΣΠΑ για την ανάπτυξη ...

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I have been involved as funding expert and proposal developer since 1997 and an EC expert and evaluator since 2003 and for years I have been wondering whether there is a magic recipe that can be followed in order to exploit successfully European funding programmes.  The reason for that was my […]

The magic recipe (yes, there is one) for developing a ...

Erasmus+ is one the largest european funding programmes  (around €15 billion) that financially supports transeuropean activities in the area of education, training, youth and sport. However, its success rate is only 18% (check latest annual report of European Commission) which means that not more than one out of five proposals […]

Six simple steps on exploiting successfully Erasmus+ programme

eu audit
Financial Management of european funded projects as your sweetest dream I consult a lot of organisations and individuals across Europe on how to deal successfully with the financial management and the EU external audit of their funded european project. I always start my engagement with one phrase ” An expertise […]

How financial management of european funded projects can become your ...

Main funding opportunities
First inspiration from my Horizon 2020 SME instrument course I have just come back from Brussels that I have delivered an advanced 3-day course on SME instrument under Horizon 2020. With the help of the participants, we went through in detail the different steps that are needed in order to […]

The Manifesto of Funding Experts