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I have been involved as funding expert and proposal developer since 1997 and an EC expert and evaluator since 2003 and for years I have been wondering whether there is a magic recipe that can be followed in order to exploit successfully European funding programmes.  The reason for that was my […]

The magic recipe (yes, there is one) for developing a ...

Erasmus+ is one the largest european funding programmes  (around €15 billion) that financially supports transeuropean activities in the area of education, training, youth and sport. However, its success rate is only 18% (check latest annual report of European Commission) which means that not more than one out of five proposals […]

Six simple steps on exploiting successfully Erasmus+ programme

eu audit
Financial Management of european funded projects as your sweetest dream I consult a lot of organisations and individuals across Europe on how to deal successfully with the financial management and the EU external audit of their funded european project. I always start my engagement with one phrase ” An expertise […]

How financial management of european funded projects can become your ...

Main funding opportunities
First inspiration from my Horizon 2020 SME instrument course I have just come back from Brussels that I have delivered an advanced 3-day course on SME instrument under Horizon 2020. With the help of the participants, we went through in detail the different steps that are needed in order to […]

The Manifesto of Funding Experts

Build to last!
How wellness and spa industry can benefit from european funding? Right after my experience in South Africa as Horizon 2020 coach (see this article with my experiences from this event), I was invited as key-note speaker at the 21st Annual Conference of the European Spas Association at beautiful Vichy in France. ESPA (European […]

I reveal the secret for exploiting successfully european funds at ...

Horizon 2020 in South Africa I have just come back from a deeply healing trip from South Africa that I have conducted a two days workshop on Horizon 2020 to research institutes and innovation organisations under the SARIMA 2016 conference. Although, I have travelled and worked  in many countries more […]

How you can exploit Horizon 2020 successfully as a complete ...

Funding Expert Transformation Process
I will not be long since the video below is very extensive and explains in detail the amount of money that are spent in preparing failed not winning proposals for requesting funding but also uncovers some other interesting staff. More specifically, in this video I prove that based on very conservative […]

Why you cannot afford to fail and how to succeed ...

Interview of Nikolaos Floratos in Poland arranged by @GrupaPHIN: Key questions answered: What are your conclusions/findings from your experience as EC expert? Why someone should exploit European Funding and Horizon 2020 funds? Which are the most important elements in successful proposals? Which are the repeated mistakes in submitted proposals? Are polish […]

5 questions on European Funding answered by Nikolaos Floratos

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I have created an animated just 10′ video on how to come up with ideas that can advance our success as european funding actors, proposal writers, european project managers, innovators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and start-up owners. Please let me know what you think by commenting at the post area below

Ideas can make you rich or make you poor! How ...

Create winning ideas for funding tool
This is Nikolaos Floratos, Founder of the Funding Expert Academy. In this article, I am going to teach you how to create great ideas that lead to winning proposals and are granted funding by European programmes such Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, etc . The famous painter Pablo Picasso has […]

Tips for creating great ideas that lead to winning proposals ...