According to a study made by Harvard, MIT and Brigham Young Universities, it showed that think creatively depends on just one third in genetics and two thirds on the development of specific skills. This is really good news and it is proved also from the practices that well known organisations […]

Innovators are made and not born! Learn How!

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The famous painter Pablo Picasso has once said that “I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else”. His point was that the foundation on anything significant in life is based on ideas. However, how many times an idea that you had, stayed an idea in your mind […]

Shall I fail in order to become successful in EU ...

Some of you may have heard about Public Speakers University initiated by Andy Harrington that not only aims to transform you into a competent public speaker but also to a professional speaker that can increase significantly your income by working less. Basically, Andy’s mottos are that anyone has a skill […]

An evaluation of Public Speakers University workshops run by Andy ...

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Consultancy companies, training organisations, project managers,  proposal writers and many actors in the area of EU funding have been endorsing in their approaches for years now and unfortunately for the upcoming years SMART objectives. SMART objectives are based on the following 5 principles, Specific Measureable Achievable or Attainable Realistic or […]

Why SMART Objectives are NOT really Smart in EU ...

I really believe that the following article is really great on why underspending in european projects should be always welcome. At last someone the british raised the issue and highlight that a successful project is not always the project that spends all its budget, considering also that most of the budget […]

Underspending in european projects should be always welcome!

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I have just returned back  from a conference in regards to my PhD research that took place in Washington. I was brave enough to go to New York also for one day (8 hours drive in total). Although, it wasn’t my first time in US, I have to admit that […]

Size does matter in project planning only when it’s short

Innovation Management in H2020 is like teenage sex. Everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it! In case, you are one of the few around 11% of the 16000 applications  of the first […]

Innovation Management in H2020 is like teenage sex

Do it like Danish Recently I have just been in Denmark for attending the steering group meeting for European funded project AMORES ( that promotes European literacy through ICT based methodology. It wasn’t the first time I was in Denmark and due to my profession I have visited almost all […]

You want a successful proposal? – Do it like Danish ...

Stop Disseminating At last we need to stop just promoting info about our project without being aware that we are listened. How many newsletters and campaign emails are sent by european projects that are never read or even worse there is no any sign of action from the recipient? How […]

Stop Disseminating and start communicating