Five things that you can apply now for immediately engaging your audience

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I always say to my students that “Common sense doesn’t always mean common practice”. The video below involves five simple actions that you can apply now for increasing immediately student engagement and transform yourself into a superb teacher that adds value to your students and audience and transforming also their lives!

You should start doing them immediately and you will see right away significant improvement in your teaching impact. They are applicable both to face-to-face and e-learning environments and the suggested findings are based on a) my personal three year phd research in this field, b) 10 years of me delivering training in different contexts and c) on accumulating and analysing more than 30 years research in this . Pay special attention on the tri-factor formula (x3) as part of your own personal action plan. Enjoy it!

Furthermore, here is a unique gift. Subsribe to download and apply now the 6×3 tri-factor formula that guide you with specific examples and techniques on engaging your audience as a superb speaker, presenter and teacher.

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